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AITA Registration and AITA Tournament Structure

If you are playing tennis and love the sport, and want to try out playing a few tournaments, you can either play local tournaments organized by various academies and clubs (No structure as such, their wish) or you can also start playing All India Tennis Association (AITA) National Level Tournaments (Proper structure and schedule followed).

Question-1: What kind of players should play AITA tournaments?

Answer: A tennis player who wants to experience the awesomeness of travelling around playing matches, meeting new players, winning, loosing, enjoying the sport should play tennis tournaments, the AITA structure being the best to follow. It is not necessary that only those players who want to peruse a career in Tennis should plan playing AITA tournaments (no-one knows about the future anyways). Anyone can, its like exploring another world for a tennis player, filled with lots of new experiences to gain.

Question-2: When should a tennis player start playing AITA tournaments?

Answer: It is advisable that one who knows the sport well, is practicing regularly, has played a few local tournaments should go for AITA tournaments. As per the age, AITA also organizes under-12 and even under-10 category tournaments, so if someone started playing at 8, probably they can play in the under-10 category after getting to know the game. If someone starts playing at 12, they would miss the under-10 and under-12 categories and could start playing under-14.

Having discussed the above two questions, the next one that comes up is:-

How to start playing AITA tournaments?

To play AITA tournaments, you will need an AITA card. (Get registered with All India Tennis Association).

For AITA Registration, you need to send (by post or by hand) the following documents to the below mentioned address:-

AITA Registration Department,
All India Tennis Association,
RK Khanna Tennis Stadium,
Safdarjung Enclave,
Africa Avenue,
New Delhi – 110029
Phone : 26176280/81/83
Email :

1) Two proofs of Date Of Birth:-

a) Birth Certificate (Copy) – Mandatory

b) School Certificate (Original) / Passport (Copy) / Adhar Card (Copy)

2) 2 Passport Size Photographs

3) AITA Registration form (Find Here)

4) Demand Draft in favour of AITA-ITN, payable at New Delhi

a) Over 10 years Rs 3,371 (validity 2 years)

b) Under 10 years Rs. 2,248 (Validity 3 years)

Before applying for the AITA Card, one should actually check the upcoming tournaments here.

Because if you decide to start playing AITA tournaments, which tournament to start from needs to be selected. Here is the AITA Tournament Structure as well. You may not like to read the whole of it :p

However, the thing to understand is that, a first timer will have to start with Talent Series (TS) tournaments [you will see TS, CS, SS, etc in the tournament calender and structure] which are lowest level/entry level National Tournaments, and probably to start with, look for tournament in your city or somewhere near.

Once decided the tournament that suits you want to play, then apply for AITA card, else the card will be valid for 2-3 years, but if you don’t play a tournament for the first 6 months (because of reasons like, no tournament in your city during that time, etc) then it will be a waste of an AITA card and the money it came from.

Just be sure to have the receipt of the your AITA card application a couple of days before the tournament starts. You can get the receipt via email if you post or by hand if you go to submit the documents yourself. Each tournament has Qualifying and Main Draw rounds. The first timers start from playing qualifying. For every AITA tournament qualifying rounds are played on Saturday and Sunday while the sign-in for the same at the venue happens on Friday where in the player has to show his AITA Card or receipt if the card is in process.

Wish the post is helpful, please feel free to leave comments for doubts or anything 🙂


32 thoughts on “AITA Registration and AITA Tournament Structure

  1. Dear Sir, if you are asking about the AITA Card registration, there is no age group under which you get it registered. It is a card which makes a player eligible to participate in AITA tournaments, just as a driving license makes someone eligible to drive a vehicle.

    The DOB of the player is mentioned on the card and as per that, a player may participate in all the categories he/she is allowed as per rules.

    As your daughter is 10 years old, she may start playing AITA Tournaments, (consult a coach) and participate in U-12 category.


    • You can enroll in AITA and you will get an AITA card using which you can play any AITA tournament throughout India. You won’t be representing any state but yourself. It’s an individual setup, you will earn points and get an all India rank.
      Hope this clears.
      All the best 🙂


  2. I am playing tennis from last 2 years and have recently started playing aita tournament . I wanted to know that who is eligible to play in aita tournaments which are held outside our state . Does the aita ranking matters in a specified tournament? and how can we send our entries if we can play ?


    • Anyone with an AITA card can play any legit AITA tournament in India, irrespective of the state a player may belong to, with a condition he/she gets an entry into the tournament.
      Yes AITA ranking of-course matters, the higher the rank, the higher chances are to get into the main draw. If qualifying in also not open to anyone, the AITA ranking to used as a metric to decide who gets to play.
      Contact the tournament organizers to find out how to send the entry, I used to fax, but its been a while since I last played an AITA tournament.
      All the best 🙂 😀


  3. goutham says:

    after getting aita number one should participate in aita tournament. then how much money shall we pay to participate in that particular tournament?


  4. Jaiveer singh says:

    Sir I have just cleared class 12 . And it is mention in the jata registration rules that school certificate is needed . So which kind of a certificate it is ??


  5. M.Rajesh says:

    Sir I’m from Hyderabad age 20years I’m interested to play tennis tournaments in aita where to register my details n where the tournaments Will be conducted in Hyderabad


    • To play entry level AITA tournaments, AITA card is necessary and not the AITA ranking. To play certain high level AITA tournaments, where entry is restricted and not open, preference is given to those with a AITA ranking (the lower the better).


  6. hemant kumar says:

    Sir, I am 18 years old. I have not played any aita tournament . I want to register now. Is birth certificate compulsory to submit. If yes, what documents can I submit as a proof of birth.


    • That’s good to hear Viraaj, all the best in your journey 🙂
      You should get an AITA card and could start playing some tournaments. Good luck!
      Consult your coach and I am sure he would guide you better.


  7. For a certain tournament, it says that the sign-deadline is June 5th which is in two days, and it says I send to send an email to a certain address. What should I write in my email in order to enter the tournament?


  8. Akshat says:

    Sir i am a beginner and want to play matches privately . I can give the necessary payments also. I also practise tennis sometimes. My friend also play tennis at national level he always gives me tips.
    Send form and information on my email sir plz.


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