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Good Playing Ethics

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Always keep in mind the following playing ethics:-

[These all help us stay away from injuries, the early we adopt these; the better it is for us]

  1. For every playing session we should be in the right attire viz comfortable shorts (with pocket), comfortable T-shirt and the right shoes. Keep an extra T-shirt (change after playing) and also keep a handy towel.
  2. Before every playing session, we should warm up well.
    • Time Duration: 5-10 minutes.
    • Do Skipping (100/200) or Running 2-3 minutes.
    • Then Dynamic Stretches: In easy language, Dynamic stretches are those that help you get ready for the kind of movements you will be doing while playing.
    • Follow this article for dynamic stretches as warm up.
    • Watch these videos : Video1     Video2
  3. After every playing session, we should cool down well.
    1. Time Duration: 10-15 minutes.
    2. Do a 3-5 minutes jog.
    3. Then Static Stretches: In easy language, Static stretches are those that pushes the limit of a muscle to the extreme.
    4. Follow this article for static stretches as cool down.
  4. We should stay hydrated. Drink some energy drink while playing, like Lemonade/Gatorade/Electrol along with water. Banana is also a great fruit to go along with.
  5. We should Keep a check on what you eat before playing, don’t eat too much before playing, and keep a gap of at least 2 hours in eating and playing. You may refer this article.

I couldn’t find the best way to communicate the warm up and cool down exercises. (I will update if I am able to find a better way)

The articles and videos I have mentioned above are the best I found.

It’s interesting that I got to know some of the things, now while researching. Throughout my tennis playing career no one emphasized on the right warm up and cool down exercises. I was repeatedly told the importance of warm up and cool down, and also experienced it myself, but that is not enough. We need to know the right warm up and cool down exercises as well. It is a myth that complete and proper==static stretches should be done before playing. It is completely wrong. It is scientifically proven that static stretches before playing reduces playing efficiency for 30-45 minutes.  

You can authenticate reading these good articles: here ,  here and here.

Everyone of us might not play at an intensity that might lead to injuries, irrespective of that, the early we understand and start following these habits, the better it will be for us in the longer run. I am just trying to instill good habits.

Watch this video, for some cool stuff.

For some inspiration watch your favorite players warm up: Nadal Warm Up  and  Djokovic Warm Up

Wish the post is helpful, please feel free to leave comments for doubts or anything 🙂


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