Play Tennis and Celebrate Everyday

Write about the things that make big occasions unnecessary, making you want to enjoy the moment you’re living in. Things that you feel should be present for you to be happy. It might be your family, job, hobby, pet, or discovering new places. Everybody’s inspiration to have a happy life is different.

So, I am going to write about how playing Tennis is the way of celebration for me. Yeah, once a player, always a player. The passion never dies. I don’t need big occasions, festivals or weddings to celebrate, I just need a tennis racket, a ball, a playing partner and a tennis court and that’s a much better way of celebration for me.

And sometimes when even getting a dose of a nice playing session gets difficult, as it involves a whole other person being willing to play, I even find going for a run or exercising a way of celebration. Because you see, its all about how and what makes you feel good, is all what celebration is all about, isn’t it?

I am that sort of a person, who would rather play tennis, run a marathon or do some gym than going out to party on big occasions. That’s the way it is for me. And I find it easier to celebrate each day than anyone waiting for big occasions would.

Tennis gives me happiness and a feeling of joy. That is my way of celebration. However, it’s strange to think of it sometimes, that how running behind the ball with a racket in the hand just to hit the ball across the net again and again can be so much full-filling, doesn’t it sound insane?

Well, it doesn’t to me, I read it somewhere and it very much makes sense to me, “When the lower excites the higher delights”. I leave that to your interpretation, but I can just say that the feeling of running behind a ball again and again and being able to hit it hard for a winner is something un-explainable and un-match-able.


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