Why Tennis

Now this is an interesting and important question to address!

I would tell my story, what do some professionals say when asked this and some scientific reasons for tennis as a sport being great for health.

My story is simple, I was around 10 when I joined a tennis academy in my school with a few friends because we all were free in the evenings. I started to develop a strong interest in the sport and continued playing. Now it depends on person to person why they like a particular sport. There are no particular reasons. Gradually from playing local tournaments, I started playing   However, now I can say where it made the difference in my life:-

  1. It made me disciplined. Sessions in the morning for which you have to get up at 4:00 am are meant to make you that way.
  2. It made me independent. Travelling for tournaments all over India, every time an elder couldn’t be around.
  3. It made me a hell lot fitter and stronger. Requires all the three aspects of fitness that are endurance, speed and strength.
  4. It made me mentally stronger. I have experienced the pleasure of defeating a top seeded player and going on to win the tournament and also the sorrow of getting defeated by an underdog when I was a seeded player.

When some recognizable tennis pros were asked the question of why they love Tennis:-

Roger Federer: “I guess, you know, it’s myself to blame if I win or lose, which I kind of like. And that it’s one on one, or if you like, in doubles two on two. But there’s a distance, so there’s always a lot of fair play. There’s no ugly plays in that way. Good sport to watch on TV. Good sport to watch live. It’s athletic and has a bit of everything. I think it’s really nice.”

Novak Djokovic: “The feeling of winning a match or winning a tournament. The feeling of winning a tennis match is irreplaceable.”

You can read the whole article (sourced from tennis-prose.comhere, and also read John McEnroe on why you should play tennis : here (sourced from bbc-news)

Tennis is scientifically proven to be a great sport to play because it helps you develop physically and psychologically. Read an interesting article by United States Tennis Association (USTA) on “Health Benefits of Playing Tennis” here.

Having being motivated about playing Tennis, the next question the person who wants to start playing might ask is:-

Where to start playing Tennis?

You can start playing at a nearby Tennis Academy or a Sports Complex. All you need is a tennis racket, the right attire and the willingness to play. I will soon try and come up with a post on where to find academies in Delhi and how to judge them.


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